Friday, September 25, 2015

Shell We?

Who doesn't love the sea? 

Or a walk on the beach?  Ahh... the gifts of the sea! I can never leave the beach empty handed. 

Reminders of my days at the beach are all over my home. In my office I have shells in a vessel that my Mother made as a young child. I love to have keepsakes that I cherish in my home office. Don't you?

A close up.  My Mom is an artist today...was such a talent as a small girl. She was so proud of this little piece of pottery and I am so lucky to have it in my home.

Can you see them way over on the night stand? The master bedroom scheme was inspired by our travels to the sea. We have a wonderful collection of art works by the talented Jane Slivka

Each morning we wake up, we see this little reminder of sunny days at the beach....

This monster came home with me all the way from St. Maarten! It added a few extra pounds to my suitcase that year! It has a special place in the great room. 

Back in my home office.... Many memories here. The glass bowl was made for us as a wedding gift by my dear friend Emily. I think of her every single day for the past 29 years and counting along with many memories at the beach! 

The orange Limoges dish in the powder room.....

I am sure I am not alone ... Do you have treasures from the sea in your decor? 




Deserae said...

You have such a beautiful collection of treasures from the sea!!! I have never been but hope to get there some day......

Karena Albert said...

Beautiful, I have sea shells in bowls all over the house!! A large one sits with a pretty vignette. Great memories!

The Arts by Karena

Pink Camellias said...

I do keep shells too! I have a starfish I got in the Bahamas, a conch shell I got in Mexico and little shells from Greece. I like keeping them for the memories - you can't go wrong decorating with shells!

HayleySarah said...

oh how I love the sea, a beach day even more needed after seeing this post!

Sienna said...

I always love shell decorating when I've seen it!