Thursday, July 19, 2012

Art and Light...

 I've been away for awhile.... I've been checking in on all of you periodically and continue to be inspired

Going to our local art festival is one of my favorite things
about summer!

Jane Slivka is by far the best part about going to the art fest!
Her paintings change with the light throughout the beautiful
We purchased the painting above ... The picture doesn't do the painting justice.

She paints beautiful tropical scenes as well..(I posted about those a LONNNNGGG time ago) we have 2 that hang in our master bedroom..
When the morning sun comes in through the window, the paintings seem to "wake up" with the light.

The landscape above hangs in our kitchen.  (walls are dark brown )
Isn't the light effect beautiful?  I think so...

We chose not to frame them as she wraps her canvas... what do you think?

Check out her website HERE

I love the paintings of the women... you'll see... let me know your thoughts....


24 Corners said...

Love the painting ...both of them! Jane's play on light and her bright colors are so lively and pretty...what a find!
I loved her landscapes where the water and cliffs meet...don't know the names...felt like I could be there just looking at them.
Hope you're having a wonderful summer despite the crazy heat!!
xo J~

Ann said...

Those artworks are wonderful.

Renée Finberg said...

she has such a soft style with an awesome gift with color.


annechovie said...

Just lovely! Have a nice weekend! xo

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Lovely and light-filled. Troly gorgeous!

Karena said...

I do love her paintings and yours are wonderful.

Thank you so much for your well wishes!!
Art By Karena
2012 Artists Series