Sunday, April 1, 2012

Bang, Bang...

Sooo.. I love bangs.. I have bangs and I am constantly trying to get my hairdresser to give me heavier bangs..We're almost there! 

Above.. yep..what I am striving for...

Sort of my hair color..above and below.. Like the thickness of above and the length below..

Below is 2nd fave... as length of the hair is similar to mine..The length of her legs..not so similar! ;0

Don't you love the black and white photo?

Maybe a tad too long...but good "shot"!

All on .. you guessed it..Pinterest!

Are you a fan of bangs?

1 comment:

Splendid Willow said...

No. 1 Helena Christensen! Always beautiful and she is now in her good 40's! I have bangs, but my hair is too fine for something substantial and sassy like that. But it looks like you can pull it off - you lucky cat you!

Warm hugs from Seattle,