Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year.............

As 2009 came to a close last evening, I found myself reflecting on so many things over the year. What would be my "resolution" for 2010? Will I stick to it? Would it be more meaningful than doing my daily workout, DAILY!?
Then, I started to contemplate all the things I am thankful for, and need to remember to be thankful health, my husband, my family and friends....but wait, there is so much be thankful for....
Then there's that one wish .... what would that be? mmm.....and will it take the year to come true? Will I have to work really hard at this? ..... Yes..I think so....
Resolution: To pray every day and get closer to "Him"
Thankful for: Life, Love and Happiness that I am afforded each day
Wish: To find "it" (that will remain a personal venture and I will let you
all know if I succeed! )
Here's to a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous New Year! I am so thankful to have found "blogland" and have been truly inspired by all of you! There's so much to share and learn from eachother!
I hope you all have resolutions that are realistic for you , thank your higher power for each day, and get your one wish to come true in 2010!


Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

...And may you find it and hold "him" close!

To 2010!!!

Anonymous said...
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