Monday, March 30, 2009

Anyone Moving to Ohio?

If you know anyone looking to move to Ohio, who wants to live on a golf course, THIS is the place!

Imagine creating a gourmet meal in this stunning kitchen!

The state of the art appliances will stay!

Entertain in this beautifully appointed dining room!

Spread out in the great room and grab a cocktail after golf from the butler's bar!

Relax on your courtyard patio and take in the views!

Couldn't you picture yourself relaxing here after 9 holes of golf? You don't even have to drive home!

Ahhhh..... If you know anyone...please let me know!! I'd love to sell this beauty soon! The Sellers would be forever grateful!!!
Happy Monday!!


annechovie said...

If I hear of anyone needing a home in your area, I will surely point them your way. Have a great week!

Ivy Lane said...

Thanks Anne!!!

Patricia Gray said...

What a beautiful back yard and someone else does all the mowing.

Velvet and Linen said...

That is an amazing setting!
I could sit on the back patio forever.



Joyce said...

Me too if I hear of anyone for sure I'll let you know. It is a beautiful home!

Fingers cross you sell! xoxo

DesignTies said...

Makes me want to move to Ohio!! Beautiful house and a great view :-) Thanks for sharing the pictures.

Also, thanks for visiting our blog and leaving a comment on my Met Monday post :-) I die over the walnut floors too!!

Kelly @ DesignTies

Shawn said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shawn said...

OMG - that is beautiful Mary! I WISH we lived in Ohio.That dining room is so classically beautiful. Like something out of "Southern Living"!


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous home but I live in Michigan and if I move it will be someplace a little warmer. I don't know of anyone headed your way but if so I'll be sure to pass this along.
jj Maegan said...

gorgeous. If only it were in LA ...and then it would be way too expensive it's amazing.

Anonymous said...

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