Saturday, January 24, 2009

A "Life Project"....

As some of you know, I love modern architecture and design. I came across this beautiful home built by Tom Kundig for artist, designer, Jan McFarland. Read about it HERE

It is located on a 20 acre parcel in the Idaho desert. In the article Ms. McFarland said she needed a new "life project". The home took nearly a decade to build! I love that she never abandoned her dream up against getting the plans approved for the site, soaring costs, design modifications and many other challenges.

The result is a beautiful home described as a tootsie roll by Tom Kundig "hard on the outside, but soft on the inside". I love that! The views are breathtaking. How would you like to be making your breakfast while looking out at those mountains??!! Those carrara marble counter tops are fabulous!

The interior is warm and inviting. The reclaimed fir was left unfinished and Ms. Cox said she is prepared to sand or use steel wool to buff out stains that may occur. I am sure that kept costs down by not finishing the wood. The challenge to find a company to make the large glass windows that came in a year late would be enough to throw me over the edge! They sure were worth the wait!

I love how the window frames the fireplace and that the sky and the mountains are in the back round. The view softens the hardness of the fireplace and brings the scale down a bit.

This photo is inspiring to me. The two tiny vases by ceramicist Christiane Perrochon from Tuscany are part of a collection that Ms. McFarland has. Don't you just love white tulips in winter?
All the photos were taken by Stuart Isett for the NY Times.
Does anyone have a "life project" they are dreaming about?


Velvet and Linen said...

What a gorgeous home.
Those huge windows really make you feel like you are surrounded by the beautiful landscape.
The reclaimed wood does make the inside of this home warm and inviting.
Thank you for sharing!


Kierstin Bridger said...

I am in love with this house and the landscape!!

Stuart Isett said...

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