Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sofa Undone.....

What the heck was I thinking when I purchased this sofa? Yes, it looks pretty..but last night proved that it is NOT cozy and comfortable!

After a few MINUTES, here's what happens! My poor guests kept figiting and re-arranging and aplogizing every time they got up!! Arrrgghhhh!

This COMFORTABLE sofa made of the most soft, supple Italian leather is from my old digs, and now resides in my basement....I wish there was a way to make it "fit in" with my new decor! It has a large chair that goes with! I now wish I would have kept this couch and worked with it when I bought the new place. I emailed Heather of the fabulous, Habitually Chic
to help me with this dilemma, she was so kind to lend her thoughts..her feeling was the room was too traditional to carry the leather sofa...I wanted to cry, but value her opinion.... I will have to forge on and start a new search...or think about what elements can stay or will have to go in order to bring the leather sofa out of the basement!

Lesson... When shopping for furniture, haste always makes waste! Try each piece on for size~


Fifi Flowers said...

That is good advice... try it out! Too bad that fabric moves around... maybe there is a solution to making the fabric stay in place... you may need to do a little investigation... the sofa looks lovely. Your old sofa is perfect for a family room setting!

preppy little dress said...

too funny!

Cote de Texas said...

okay - this is easily fixed - be sure to tuck your slipcover in as far as it will go and then buy stick pins - with the bar across the top - forgot what they are called - stick pins with a long wide head and stick them in to hold the slip in place - put them in every 3inches or so - it should hold it in place.