Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Spa View....

My next home is definitely going to have LOTS of windows and natural light. I love windows in a bath..I think windows with spectacular views of nature really have a calming effect. Wouldn't you like to get ready for work each day in one of these baths!??

Photo by Grey Crawford
This area does not have a view out per say..but a view up..it is a low soaking tub with a skylight about..YUMMY!

Photo by John Granen
Now THIS is a view!

Photo by Grey Crawford

Beautiful view, travertine, dual faced fireplace..What more could you ask for?

Indoor shower that makes you FEEL like you're outdoors.. love the floating sink cabinet!

Photo by Sam Gray
This bathroom is like a little jewel box..the window is small behind the sinks, but there is surely more windows elswhere. I especiall love the chandeliers, the marble sink counter top (my dream someday) , the fabulous mirror (tin frame i think, or distressed wood) I like how one sink has the mirror and the other the window..not perfect symetry..but works!

Photo by Casey Dunn
Carrara marble tub deck, gorgeous wood floors, soft antique rug, rustic wood ceiling... alot of different element here, but they all seem to come together with harmony.. oh...did I mention the VIEW?!