Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tiny Treasure

Here's a tiny treasure that I keep on my desk and cherish every day. My Mother made the clay vessel when she was a little girl. Her initials are engraved in the bottom. The colors are beautiful and I think she was way ahead of her time. She probably was not aware of her calling as an artist at such a young age, but I am sure she delighted my grandparents with all the things she made in school. It was no surprise that she graduated from college with a degree in Fine Arts!

I am a lover of the sea and collect shells from my travels. It is nice to have the things I love right in front of me on my desk for inspiration each day.

Check out the painting of the poppies to the right on the blog page. My favorite painting done by my Mom. Take out something you love from your past and include it in a tablescape or vingnette and you'll be surprised on the enjoyment you'll get out of it!!


pve design said...

How funny, I have a small hand-made clay pot that is the prettiest shade of blue, and has my initials, my daughter keeps it full of hair do dads! I made in in elementary school. My Mom gave it to my little girl.
I love your tiny treasure!

Ivy Lane said...

Pve Design, Thank you for stopping by my new blog! I am honored!! I love your story about your clay pot that your daughter now has, going to share that with my Mom!