Tuesday, August 19, 2008

House Stories...#1 Modern Mama!

Okay...so I have all the pics in the wrong order..still learning! This home may not look like much to all you design divas out there, but it happens to me my favorite listing of all time. I had the pleasure of selling this home and got to really get to know it inside and out. This was my first real introduction to mid-century modern homes and the first time I toured it, I was hooked! Use your imagination! She could be glorious again!!
It is almost 4000 sq. ft, situated high on a hill overlooking a canyon on nearly 3 acres. Totally secluded. Rumor has it the original owner was a big businessman and was going to have a helio pad on a flat raised area on the property! I am sure this was a swanky pad back when it was in it's full glory. There are walls of windows all around the home, a wide open floor plan, 2 indoor fireplaces and 1 outdoor, a fab pool area with a cabana bath surrounded by the original sculptural fence. There's even space behind the garage with windows all around overlooking the canyon! Great studio or office space..it even has a bathroom, and a furnace!!!!
Sadly, I lost the file with the pictures of all the rooms! I often think about what I would do to bring her back. We tried to find out who the original architect was to no avail! Design Within Reach http://www.dwr.com/ would be the place I would go to pick out all the furnishings...that's if I had the reserves!!!! I would scour the area for the right architect to preserve the integrity of the style of this home. I would... I would... oh!!! I hope the new home owner is!!!
This is a place that tugs at my mind often, I took my husband and parents through, secretly hoping the stamp of approval would be verbalized! All I heard was "ARE YOU CRAZY?WE DON'T HAVE THE CASH TO FIX THIS UP!!" But.... "It is an awesome house"..
When it came time to turn over the keys, I can say I was a little mad at the new homeowner for stealing MY HOUSE out from under me!!! Maybe someday I'll knock on the door and see what they've been up to!
Guess it's time to let go and put all these thoughts into my Forgettery! I DO know that I have a new love for modern architecture because of this home and SOMEDAY I will live in a space like this!
Tell me what you would do to bring her back!

Big SIGH...those fab sofas were sent to GOODWILL!!!! I am trying to find out the locale to go and rescue them!

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